《Choc Promo》歌詞:byThe Sound Providers mp3歌詞

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[Verse One] Yo it’s Friday night, and ain’t nothin to do

Think I’ll check out the show where the flavor is true

From 12 to 2, they provide for you

And bless the airwaves with the vibe that’s new

Yo Soul, check the levels is it comin in clear?

Well get your tape ready cause the hour is near

Sound Providers are here, time to bless the sphere

This the Choc with the Friday night world premiere

Stand clear cause we’re takin you back to the day

To a time when the MC had somethin to say

There was radio play, and the people would say

“God damn that DJ made my day”

[Verse Two] Independent, or major, as long as there’s flavor

Joints get rocked, when my man Choc

gives the command on the FM band

The crates arrive, and the tables are manned

By a street magician, movin the pitch and gettin mad busy on a musical mission

The streets are listenin, the flavor’s on time

We shine, with the Friday night rhyme

At midnight, the request lines are lit up

Choc is on the mic, askin all of y’all to get up

out of your chair and throw your hands in the air

Scoopin up props from Watts to Bel Air

It’s like that

{Choc scratches: “Friday nights”*}

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