《Unicorn Odyssey》歌詞:byThe Falcon mp3歌詞

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The first time I saw you, you worked selling hot dogs

And stealing your mom’s VCR

You sold your Nintendo for a shitty drum set

That you sold for a shittier car

I remember you hitting your girlfriend once or twice

When she got in your face

She’d sit in your Chevy and wait

The first time I saw you, you worked at the Lakeview

With that guy with those bad tattoos

Someone had broken your heart and you worked it out

Fucking the regular crew

Your smile was amazing, your apartment was tiny

Your arms and your back were all bruised

Sometimes you wore glasses that you didn’t like

Over eyes that were sparkly blue

Howdy stranger, how ya been?

A million distant memories of a million distant friends

The last time I saw you, we split a pitcher or two

At some hillbilly bar

Your heart was all shattered, your hair was all greasy

And long and your hands were all hard

I remember saying to dump your girlfriend

She was making both of us sick

It’s not a lot, but it’s what I got

It’s harder and harder to stick to the script

It’s harder these days

It gets harder to stay

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