《King》歌詞:byYearsYears mp3歌詞

重磅!錯過再等一年(還剩21小時恢復原價)!32G Kindle Paperwhite 4 降價50美刀32G Oasis 降價80美刀

I caught you watching me under the light

Can I be your line?

They say it’s easy to leave you behind

I don’t wanna try

Cut cover, take that test

Hold courage to your chest

Don’t wanna wait for you

Don’t wanna have to lose

All that I compromised to feel another high

I’ve got to keep it down tonight

And oh, oh, oh

I was a king under your control

And oh, oh, oh

I wanna feel like you’ve let me go

So let me go

Don’t you remember how I used to like

Being on the line?

I dreamed you dreamed of me calling out my name

Is it worth the price?

I had to break myself to carry on

No love and no admission

Take this from me tonight

Oh, let’s fight


Let go, let go, let go of everything