《It Will Be Forgiven (Gregorian)》歌詞:byGregorian mp3歌詞

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A cold wind blows over the shore

And the air starts stream stronger than before,

The land made a sign, would I follow

Can you feel the calm before the storm?

How long have you been here before?

And the emptiness grew in you more and more

And your heart became lonesome and forlorn,

Can you feel the calm before the storm?


We can see beyond the horizon,

We can see beyond the sea,

I can feel the deck arising,

I can feel you next to me,

We are ready, so why are we

But we are still here,

Whatever we’ll do,

It will be forgiven

Here comes the storm again,

My life is like a hurricane,

I can’t stand the thunder and the rain,

Here comes the storm again


Seas, to conquer anywhere

For so long we will be there,

God, our father, on our way

Whatever we’ll do,

I’ll see you in heaven

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