《Burning Girl》歌詞:byFrente mp3歌詞

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I whisper louder than screams, you don’t appear in my dreams,

I read your skin like a code, first time for nothing you know,

You’re going to live till we die, you’re going to like what you get,

I found you asking for more of something you haven’t got yet,

You know what it is, don’t know what it is.

The burning girl, flirts like fates with wishes,

You, me, the kiss, seriousness

Like never listens to like, so don’t ever ask,

Natural, criminal animal thought, killing our time to the point,

I’ll keep my thought in that place this is the terrible word

You of course don’t know what it is, and I’m burning,

Clever crawled in on his knees, there’s so many ways to say please,

You know what? it is…boy I’m burning. I’m the burning girl.

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