《Hands Of Time》歌詞:by韓國原聲帶 mp3歌詞

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Letting you go out of my sight is so much easier

Losing you, girl

from my heart I know I just could not bear

Now that you’re no longer here

All I ask of you is gracing me with your sweetest memories

when I need to share

Oh, how I long to turn the hands of time


You appear clearer than the light

No one’s ever taking you away from my soul

Cuz now you feel closer than you were

In my arms that’s where you ought to stay

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been

Doesn’t matter how or when

Together and forevermore in tune

I couldn’t believe the road that fate

would lead us to so suddenly

Cursing the heavens, cursing all the dreams

that you let me see

And then the sun rose again

Made me realize there is a reason

for everything that happens in the end

Oh, you and I can turn the hands of time



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