《Nothing Gets By Here》歌詞:byRachael Yamagata mp3歌詞

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Rachael Yamagata

Nothing Gets By Here

Hey there, it’s been a while

You came out under the covers

With your smile so new

Yet it feels like old

So good to see you

Got a little search out with hope (?)

You’d gotten so used to

For what it’s worth baby

Seeing you here

Is like seeing truth

But nothing gets by here

Yeah, nothing gets by here

Break the rules

Am I a shoulder to cry on

Cause there was a time you left me with nothing to rely on

Save a place cause there’s no more reason why

You gotta be a fool if you’re thinking about saving this (?)

Cause it’s over, it’s over, it’s over this time

Nothing gets by here

Cause nothing gets by here

You had my heart

Such a delicate thing to break

You have a brand new life

More love (?) for your mistake

Cause nothing gets by here

Yeah nothing gets by here

Nothing gets by here

Nothing gets by here

Nothing gets by, by here, by here

Nothing gets by, by here

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