《Waiting by the Fence》歌詞:byForest City Lovers mp3歌詞

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4 a.m., I’m sleeping. The red brick houses are all dreaming.

Children laying in their beds. Visions of tomorrow in their heads.

Loud phone rings, I’m awakened. I answer calmly but I’m visibly shaken

I feel like something’s going on. Why else would you call before dawn, before dawn.

Something’s wrong, you warned me.

Get dressed come down and meet me.

I throw a shirt on and some pants

Your already waiting by the fence.

You look so sad, to me.

And you, have fresh tear stains on your cheeks

On your cheeks..

You’ve been holding on for so long

Why do you have to be so strong

I have been waiting for so long

Why do i have to be dragged along

There is only so much i can do

If i could, i’d turn back time for you. For you.

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