《Come and Find Me》歌詞:by RITTER JOSH Josh Ritter mp3歌詞

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If I could trace the line that ran

Between your smile and your sleight of hand

I’d guess that you put something up my sleeve

Now every time I see your face the bells ring in a far-off place

We can find each other this way I believe

From the hills and up behind, my town

is naked from the horizon down

The curvature is pressed against the raise

We walked up in the fields alone

And the silence fell just like a stone

That got lost in the wild blue and the gravel grey

Come and find me now

Though I’m here in this far off place

My air is not this time and space

I draw you close with every breath

you don’t know it’s right until it’s wrong

You don’t know it’s yours until it’s gone

I didn’t know that it was home ‘til you up and left

Come and find me now

I keep you in a flower vase

With your fatalism and your crooked face

With the daisies and the violet brocades

And I keep me in a vacant lot

In the ivy and forget-me-nots

Hoping you will come and untangle me one of these days

Come and find me now

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