《Let It Rain》歌詞:by Olivia Ong Olivia Ong mp3歌詞

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Oh the sky’s grey

On this work day

You’re just playing along

just to see the day through

You’re lonely and blue

Writings on thewindow

There’s a deep longing sigh

You’re far off in thoughts

You heart’s grown all cold

It would be fun if you could sing a song

Let it rain, rain

It’s the perfect weather for contemplating

Let it rain, rain

For after such a weather

Sunshine will come

The rainbows

And the laughter

And the serious smile

It’s teasing you pal

Like it’s coming to get you

Oh they wish for you

To be happy again

But you’re locked up inside

You’re missing your cue

Feeling weary

Stop running away

You’re finding it hard to breath

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