《Shitty day》歌詞:bySoKo mp3歌詞

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I hate myself today.今天我痛恨自己

I don’t know what’s happening to me.我不知道自己怎么了

I hate my face today.今天我討厭我的樣子

I think I look so shitty.我覺得我看起來一團糟

I have some sweat everywhere.我身上到處都是汗水

I’m not even shaved.我甚至沒有褪毛

My hair all greasy.我的頭發油膩膩的

I look disgusting.我看起來惡心極了

My eyes are glued.我的眼睛睜不開

My lips are chaffed.我的嘴唇干裂

My legs are prickling.我的腿刺疼著

And plus I’m stinky today.而且我今天還臭哄哄的

How can I date someone with a face like that?我怎么以這樣的面貌去約會

I know you’re gonna dump me again,我知道你又打算拋棄我

And I am gonna cry.我會哭泣

Cuz you want a perfect girl, And I’m not因為你想要完美個女孩,而我不是

what you expected.你希望什么呢?

You want a perfect girl,你想要個完美的女孩

And I look shitty today.而我看起來糟透了

Maybe I should put some makeup,也許我應該化化妝

And find some crazy outfits.找些奇裝異服穿上

But I am very tired today但是我今天太累了

And I don’t care if I’m not pretty.我不在乎自己是否美麗

Should be like these girls,我本應該那些女孩一樣

Skinny and great all the time.苗條而且在任何時候都光彩照人

I’m still wearing my slippers我依然撒著我的拖鞋

And eat all the candies at home.在家吃著各種糖果

I should sleep more,我應該多睡一會

And stop going out everyday.不再每天都出去

I should focus more,我應該精力更集中一些

And stop complaining today.停止今天的抱怨

tell me,How can I date someone with a face like that?告訴我,我怎么能以這樣的面貌去約會

I know you’re gonna dump me again,我知道你又要拋棄我

And I am gonna cry.而我會哭泣

Cuz you want a perfect girl, And I’m not因為你想要一個完美的女孩,而我不是

so perfect如此完美

You want a perfect girl,你想要一個完美的女孩

And I look shitty today.而我今天看起來一團糟

Tell me, How can I date someone with a face like that?告訴我,我這樣怎么能去約會

I know you’re gonna dump me我知道你要拋棄我

And I am gonna cry.而我將會哭泣

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