《Flow Heat》歌詞:by3rd Strike mp3歌詞

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3rd Strike – Flow Heat



Resist one more time walked the line

burning through the pages of my life

cuz i cant help myself decide

if i wasnt to live or die

try to understand why i’m killing myself with my own hand

no solution

mass confusion

that situation that i’m facing

can’t stop chasing memories

i can’t ignore these casualties

fallacies come with ease off the tongue of the enemy

that voice keeps telling me

gotta find myself

cant keep living off and on

turn my head and all is gone

turn my head and all is gone

can’t let it get the best of me no

time keeps ticking on and on

night falls no sleep

start to flow heat

straight to my veins

eliminate the pain

the warm feeling healing my soul

dealing control

sanctuary necessary to let go

and before i die heal myself inside

and before i die kill myself insice

gotta find myself

cant let go

no way stay clear never back trak

keep you head on straight

know where your hearts at

stay real to yourself

never give up you get up find yourself inside


time marches on and on

and still the same old song

boredom perpetuates stagnation which creates

confusion in you head

depression that you dread

so check that mental health

you got to gree yourself now

gotta find myself


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