《Sleep the Clock Around》歌詞:byBelle and Sebastian mp3歌詞

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And the moment will come when composure returns

Put a face on the world, turn your back to the wall

And you walk twenty yards with your head in the air

Down the Liberty Hill, where the fashion brigade

Look with curious eyes on your raggedy way

And for once in your life you have nothing to say

And could this be the time when somebody will come

To say, “Look at yourself, you’re not much use to anyone”

Take a walk in the park, take a valium pill

Read the letter you got from the memory girl

But it takes more than this to make sense of the day

Yeah it takes more than milk to get rid of the taste

And you trusted to this, and you trusted to that

And when you saw it all come, it was waving the flag

Of the United States of Calamity, hey!

After all that you’ve done boy, Im sure you’re going to pay

In the morning you come to the ladies salon

To get all fitted out for The Paperback Throne

But the people are living far away from the place

Where you wanted to help, it’s a bit of a waste

And the puzzle will last till somebody will say

“There’s a lot to be done while your head is still young”

If you put down your pen, leave your worries behind

Then the moment will come, and the memory will shine

Now the trouble is over, everybody got paid

Everybody is happy, they are glad that they came

Then you go to the place where you’ve finally found

You can look at yourself sleep the clock around

sleep the clock around

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