《Ten Minutes》歌詞:by McVinnie Parsley Shivaree mp3歌詞

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Silver pens, expensive smoke

I’s all over, satan sucks

You know it’s true

Jesus Presley Elvis Christ

Happy parents standing in some living room

And it’s ten minutes back to the valley

Her city limits; I’m gonna take you with me

And I will sing those songs

Back down the alley

And you can love me all the way home

You’ve got taste and that’s sad

Now you’re listening like you never really had

Feel that wind beneath my coat

You’re a liar

I’m a silly billy goat

And it’s about ten minutes back to valley

Everbody got sore

‘Cause they couldn’t shop anymore

I wouldn’t bother to tell my father that I was on the score

When it’s ten minutes back to valley

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