《Pretty Bird》歌詞:byJemaine Clement mp3歌詞

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I was striking suave, ambitious

Feet to beak, so birdylicious

Now I’m vial, I am villain and vicious

Oh, and malicious

I had it all, a TV show, women too

I was just whole, over 1 foot 2

Then they got a pretty parakeet to fill my shoes

That’s why I am so evil, why I do what I do

He was superstar, so young and vital

He’s nasty, a South-American Idol

He’s a suspicious bird, who said that about me?

A very vicious bird, I’ll have you rotisseried

I was the king of telling novellas

The envy of all the other fellows

Then I was pushed out

For a Pretty Polly parakeet from Paraguay

They called Patricious

Common Paraguayan name

He’s a nasty bird, I’m insidious

He’s nasty, oh, I’m hideous

He was a real macaw, I’m a cockatoo

An obscene bird, yes, that word’s true

I’m a feathery freak with a beak, a bird murderer

You think you’re better than me, I never heard of ya

I’m evil, I fill your cheese ball with weavils

I poop on people and I blame on the seagulls

It was him

He’s a nasty bird, I’m invincible

He’s nasty, I’m unminceable

I’m unwashable, unrinceaple

Like an abandoned school I have no principal

All of you Brazilian birds

All 18 million birds

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do

I’m going to make you

Shut up now, shut up, it’s just me

I will make you ugly too

Did you hear how dramatic that was

With the end?

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