《Time Was Running Out》歌詞:byChaostar mp3歌詞

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[A hooded one:] “These are the most promising

planetary systems according to Drail’s equation.

Do you have a specific preference Primus?”

[Cendor:] “Tell me about this solar system”.

[A hooded one:] “It has twelve planets and its position is I/IV/V”

[Cendor:] “Perfect! Of course we will have to wait several circles

if we want also to transport matter from Ahrem, in order

to implant it on its system.

However this is not our prime concern for the time being”.

Indeed the need for drastic measures was eminent.

Time was running out, and the people knew it.

Their number was growing beyond control.

This once vast place was overpopulated.

The ethereal dome was not visible anymore from

the surface of the planet. The shape of the stars

was in disguise, distorted from the billions of lights

that were beamed from the flying architectonic mazes.

There, in close orbit, were the quarters of the elite

hovering on the waves of their poisonous gas clouds.

A lot of suggestions were expressed on the last 100 circles.

Almost all, concerned the colonisation of the nearest planets.

But there was a big problem to solve. The inhabitants of

Ahrem were not completely autonomous entities,

but body parts of the planet. In a sense They, were the planet!

Any attempt to send away the secure perimeter a sole organism,

would mean its certain death.

As the accident in Ambere revealed, there were also some

other suggestions for the problem, less complicated…

But they didn’t worked out as planed. Then came Cendor,

with a more ethical and discreet solution.

[Cendor:] “Let’s send them there, on the blue planet”!

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