《Celebrity》歌詞:by Paisley Brad Paisley mp3歌詞

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Lyrics:Brad Paisley Music:Brad Paisley

Someday I’m gonna be famous,

Do I have talent, well, no.

These days you don’t really need it,

Thanks to reality shows

Can’t wait to date a supermodel,

Can’t wait to sue my dad.

Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari

On my way to rehab….

Cause when you’re a Celebrity

It’s adios reality

You can act just like a fool

People think you’re cool

Just cause your on TV.

I can throw major fits

When my latte isn’t just how I like it

They say I’ve gone insane,

I’ll blame it on the fame,

And the pressures that it goes with

Being a Celebrity

I get to cry to Barbara Walters,

When things don’t go my way.

I’ll get community service

No matter which law I break

I’ll make the supermarket tabloids,

They’ll write some awful stuff

But the more they run my name down,

The more my price goes up

Cause when you’re a Celebrity,

It’s adios reality.

No matter what you do,

People think you’re cool,

Just cause you’re on TV.

I can fall in and out of love,

Have marriages that barely last a month.

When they go down the drain

I’ll blame it on fame

And say it’s just so tough.

Being a Celebrity

So let’s hitch up the wagons and head out west

To the land of fun in the sun

We’ll be real world bachelors

Jackass Millionaires

Hey, Hey, Hollywood

Here we come!

Yeah, When you’re a Celebrity

It’s adios reality

No matter what you do,

People think you’re cool,

Just cause you’re on t.v.

…Being a Celebrity

…Yeah Celebrity!


‘Where’s my coffee?’


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