《A Fly in the Hand》歌詞:byAlice Russell mp3歌詞

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I catch a fly in my hand

My knuckles go white

I wanted to fly

It didn’t help me understand

But it sure felt good to hold

Heavy change is what I need

No bag of silver with a smiling queen

I got a spider in a box you see

Someday I’ll take a little sum for me

From Rome to my very hand

Slipping through like each grain of sand

I open letters to the sound of air

But, aw get away I don’t want to share


Look for the silver there’s a finders fee

And there’s an acre for every tree

I wanna go share it around

I drop a penny and I hear no sound

I close the box, hide it away

And put a value on their currency

That’s ten to them for every one to me

Swollow the key for another day


It’s through the nose, this s**t is true

My favourite letters, I. O. You

I cut some feathers with some amber beads

I got an empty bag of some whales teeth

Show me the blood to pasify

It’s what makes mothers leave to babies cry

I wanna go share all around

I change the time for every pound of pounds

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