《F.T.F.》歌詞:by TR/ST MP3歌詞

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I can see them coming
Black hair cute girlie face
I grant you my disrespect
Erase your disgraced face
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Where’s your respect – Where’s your dedication?
What the fuck do you think you stand for?
This time I won’t forgive!
I’m sick and tired of your cheap talk
Shove your scenepoints down your throat
Suffocation – the end of the clones
The curtain falls…the curtain finally falls!!
Its time to disinfest our scene from this plague
Banish their believes of hardcore these days
Build upon empty phrases
You better face facts
A true heart sees through all fakes
This complete farce is over
I bet you won’t survive our evolution
As a part of the non-existing scene
One day you choke on the bullshit lies you
swallow everyday and no one will fuckin care…
To us you’re dead

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