《A Heart Full Of love》歌詞:byClaudeMichel Sch?nberg mp3歌詞

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A Heart Full Of love – Claude Michel Sch?nberg

A heart full of love

A heart full of song

I’m doing everything all wrong

Oh god for shame

I do not even know your name

Dear mad moiselle

Won’t you say

Will you tell

A heart full of love

No fear no regret

My name is marius pontmercy

And mine’s cosette

Cosette I don’t know what to say

Then make no sound

I am lost

I am found

A heart full of light

A night bright as day

And you must never go away

Cosette cosette

This is a chain we’ll never break

Do I dream

I’m awake

A heart full of love

He was never mine to lose

A heart full of love you

Why regret what could not be

A single look and then I knew

These are words he’ll never say

Not to me

From today

Not to me

Every day

And it isn’t a dream

His heart full of love

Not a dream

He will neve

After all

Feel this way

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