《Because I Love You》歌詞:by Various Artists Shakin’ Stevens MP3歌詞

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《Because I Love You》歌詞:
If I got down on my knees
And I pleaded with you
If I cross a million oceans
Just to be with you
Would you ever let me down?

If I climbed the highest mountain
Just to hold you tight
If I said that I would loved you
Every single night
Would you ever let me down?

Well I’m sorry if it sounds kind of sad
Its’s just sad I’m worried, so worried
That you’ll let me down

Because I love you
I love you. Love you
So don’t let me down

If I swan the longest river
Just to call your name
If I said the way I fell for you
Would never change
Would you ever fool around?

Well I’m sorry if that sounds kind of bad
It’s just bad I’m worried; I’m so worried
That you’ll let me down
Because I love you
Love you, love you

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