《Meteoric Shower》歌詞:by 買辣椒也用券 ; 作詞YYF MP3歌詞

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《Meteoric Shower》歌詞:
Seeing the star vanish in the sky.
the dying of your eternal lie.
my dusty grave is the dried up lake.
The rising tide covered everything.
My memories was crumbling.
What never fade is your deceit.
Lock me up, throw away the key.
Promises like a sand castle,
smash with one stroke ,
pledge like a broken dam.
apple of Sodom

chorus clean vocal:
you’ve been searching the reason
till the end it is nothing left but a endless silence
I’m so tired of the sorrow.
I’m so sick of the grumble.
You let everything ends with nothing
Just don’t look back, leave the messes behind.
Go through the night, you can throw away the lie.

Chorus scream:
My eyes full of illusions i cannot see the sun
You beat me black and blue, destroy my dream to the ground
Still rolling the dice for my fate
I cant escape from this endless maze
Fight till the last breath

Breakdown vocal:
I closed my eyes attempt to hold back the tears
But my heart is bleeding. Every effort goes in vain.

I knocked the door wait for someone else. But no one answer it.
I thought you were mocking me.
Turns out you always think I am worthless. Burrria!!!

The truth is a fraud.
You won defeat me again!
Fulfill the hollow eyes. This is the retribution !

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