《If This Dream》歌詞:by 買辣椒也用券 ; 匯子 MP3歌詞

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《If This Dream》歌詞:
If This Dream – 買辣椒也用券

混音:kimkuok ip

If this dream has never occurred to us
How nice would it be

If none of us ever leave this dream
How nice would it be

If you keep dreaming for the rest of your days
How nice can you imagine

It’s okay you will stay with the honest ones
They would offer you a place

You’ll sit down with them
And they will comfort you they promised

It’s already passed passed passed passed
In a still scene while you are the only one still
In those everlasting embrace

You would totally believe it you’ll think its real
I have been answering this for too many times
No its not terrifying at all

I surely can find my way out
But I’d rather stay here with them

I’ll stay with the honest ones
In this unfinished dream
I am the only one still


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