《Thai Movement》歌詞:by 虎子 作詞: Chanel Grace MP3歌詞

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《Thai Movement》歌詞:
So for the moment, we’ll just own it
Like the romans got me going while we flow into the ocean on some potions
And time is fading but it tick tocks
Our eyes lock, bed rocks, don’t stop
Push back you push forward
Legs lock we lift off, we pushin’, ooh… i know your lookin’
Your colours shine so bright I know just what they are they crazy
Could you be the one to give me all your lovin’ daily
I’m so into you
Got me addicted to
This evolution true
Bae come with me and lets get faded
(Puff) off this rolled up smoke i made for you baby
When our eyes locked you saw into my soul so maybe
Take me to the stars
We already in the clouds, as you be touchin’ on my skin like
You can take me to the stars love, way up
high got me lifted will it hold us, hold us
your my baby but it kills us
yeah I’m talkin bout the real love, the real love
Smoke rising slowly as we leap into them hot baths
I never thought i’d let it go but shit it won’t last
So for the moment its hopeless with these jokers takin’ focus what I know is I’m chosen stay focused
Zig zags and big bags lost angels no red rags
My clIck thick not just stag
Boast beauties no price tags
Lift off and find me between low and high streams
Know I walk wit you my heart gold that shit true
Now our hearts beating as we head into the living room
And clothes removin’ while I’m telling that I’m feeling you
Your body’s shakin’ and I’m taking all my time with this
I’m breathing on your neck and shit I’m feeling on your perfect breasts
You bodies made for love and thats just what I live to give
When scratching backs and hair is pulled but thats just what it is
Lets hit the point and pass the joint and come get lost wit me and wrap your body up on mine just like its meant to be

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