《Wu Tang Forever》歌詞:by Logic MP3歌詞

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《Wu Tang Forever》歌詞:
Wu Tang Forever – Logic / Ghostface Killah / Raekwon / RZA / Method Man / Inspectah Deck / Cappadonna / U-God / Masta Killa / GZA
詞:Corey Woods / Method Man / Caleb Armstrong / 2 more
詞:Corey Woods / Method Man / Caleb Armstrong / 2 more

En garde I’ll let you try my Wu tang style
I’d like to try your Wu Tang style let’s begin then
Shaolin shadowboxing and the Wu tang sword style
If what you say is true the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous
Do you think your Wu Tang sword can defeat me
Aye yo Wu-Tang forever
Who rhyme better
We too clever the boom bap’s back harder than ever
R.I.P. O.D.B
Comin’ through like Killa Bee
Ever since I heard Enter the 36 in ’93
You cannot defeat my Wu-Tang style I leave ’em all dismembered
F**k a mumble rap that shit won’t never be remembered
Not even a contender no pretender best surrender
My agenda is killin’ shit they feelin’ this Sinatra
Yeah we live and thorough
Assassinatin’ every single mutha F**kin’ borough
From Staten to Brooklyn to Queens
The Bronx and Harlem all the way to Maryland
Yeah we comin’ for all of ’em
Bobby Tarantino to the Digital
My shit is pivotal
Smokin’ chronic no medicinal
Who you know assemble the Clan like Voltron
The one and only Logic the God the don I’m gone
Aye yo Logic what up
We gon’ let these mutha F**kas try this Wu-Tang style
Yo yo yo yo yo kaboom
Guess who stepped in the room
It’s Ghostface gold plates old truths more K
Intelligent brothers with nine hoods movin’ snowflakes
Guillotine your head last scene in the showcase
Push weight this Colgate
Tre-eights and old gates
Exfoliate those we most hate
We don’t associate
We wear robes that you can’t even pronounce-iate
We eat foods where you can’t even pronounce you ate
Cribs where the floor just rises up and rotates
Locations low-key can’t even locate
Twin nina sisters with the beam we all soulmates
Tea makin’ us so much cream we bought gold plates
Yo mountains of haze in the crib of my blades
It gets messy underneath the dresser the gauge
57 MB yo metallic green
Seats is piped off
Seize them old tracks unite through ’em
The kitchen is my palace get your dance on
While we just levitate with trees get your branch on
I’m know to wil’ out put the cams on
Jewels down the sets dip my gems got grams on
A specialist when I’m bakin’
Rhymes be comin’ out we makin’
We challengin’ these chumps for lumps
Here’s the statement stop hatin’
The crew is all about gettin’ this cake in
You know about me you relatin’
The enigma the stigmas that the RZA and the GZA
Both lyrical prolific fixtures of rap scriptures
Mixtures of hipsters weed smokers and beer drinkers
Prince and the Pauper spiritual clear-thinkers
Cake in the oven Superbad like McLovin huggin’ all four boroughs
Puffin’ herb with my cousin
Academically speaking rap vocabulary’s weakenin’
I felt it comin’ like the Weeknd when these starboys start tweakin’
Sporadic pill-poppin’ of OxyContin
III-gotten sexual intercourse make shorty wop feel rotten
The travesty-tapestry of microphone mastery has been refuted
Diluted broken down to a catastrophe
But cats still get good trophy
Hit y’all with their Okie-dokie
Burt Reynolds Bandit goddamnit
Where the F**k is Smokey Bear when you need one
I got a light-beam gun
I’ll blast a hole in your chest that you can’t bleed from
But you’ll die through iniquity plus stupidity of that trickery
My verse got it hot up in here not the humidity
You can never get rid of me step back and consider me
Wu Killa Bee but I’m not big on bigotry
Old-school on this track I feel invincible
This new school ain’t really got rules and lacks the principles
Got mo’ clowns than the Motown they puttin’ critical
The gun Smokey Robinson you need a Miracle
Go back homie back when rappers used to be lyrical
When nine out of ten of his friends used to be criminal
The stats homie all these killas usin’ subliminals
Y’all don’t even smile in your pictures
You dudes is miserable We’re the unpredictable
Torture over your physical
Drop a bar used to pour water over the cereal
Another bar reppin’ my squad not individual
But one Nation under God that’s indivisible
My time critical hands-off from digital
Me and my lady bark back when the Planets was Digable
I’m cool like that my cash rule like that
I’m classic Patti LaBelle Voulez Vous like that come on
It’s only logic we got ’em mobber than the mosh pit
Fifth Brother INS hotter than the tropics
The hot shit I drop quick
Major player watch my stock lift
Razor-blade sharpness regardless to whom or what
Sound boy turn that music up
Naysayer you ain’t even got a clue what’s up
Deadly melody the sickness the remedy
Everything circulate back around eventually
We’re the unpredictable talent all-natural
Gain Wu-Tang pumpin’ through your veins
Twenty-five years still more of the same
The flow like water with the boilin’ flame
INS your highness they callin’ my name
Boy I wet the scene similar to fallin’ rain
In our own lane y’all soundin’ all the same
Tell ’em Wu-Tang is on your brain

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