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藝人: GUAN
語種: 純音樂
唱片公司: 大福唱片
發行時間: 2018年10月08日
專輯類別: EP、單曲
專輯風格: 工業音樂 Industrial music

Invertebrate,意為“無脊椎動物”。此作品為“Ani-Bot”系列作品的開端。 Ani-Bot是一個關於動物性與數字自動化的研究。其本質是在端點——原始生理本能的動物性與無情感的精密自動化算法之中探索“人性”的定位。


The work is called Invertebrate. This work is the beginning of the “Ani-Bot” series. Ani-Bot is a study between animal and digital automation. The essence is to explore the positioning of “humanity” among the endpoints – the original physiological instinct of animal and non-emotional precision au-tomated algorithms. The image modeling in “invertebrates” completely accumulates a single ele-ment using a program algorithm, and generates the tension of the original life in a random computer manner, and numerically presents the ritual sense of the life shaping process. Explore humanity in a way that divests humanity. The music was inspired by the tribal ritual music, and as a framework, it was played using a sequence of digital sequences. A thick line synthesizer that repeats, super -imposes, and distorts, swaying the electronic shock into a pure life pulse.

This work participated in the Audio-Visual performance of 2017 Hangzhou Sonar 5.0 and Nine To-morrows exhibition at Hangzhou Power Long Art Center.


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