《casanova》歌詞:byDenitiaSene mp3歌詞

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ChorusSay hi to Casanova

I hope he’s happy he won

I wish you happiness and

I hope you get what you want

Say hi to Casanova

Sometimes we run out of love

I wish you happiness but

I know he ain’t what you want

SeneI’ve should’ve seen it

You’re always creeping late at night

You say you’ll leave him

But you’re forever by his side

I love you then I hate you

I can’t make up my mind

And if you’re choosing him, love

I believe that’s fine


DenitiaFor no good reason

I want to look you in the eyes

I tried to see you

The same procedure everytime

You love me, then you hate me

You can’t make up your mind

But if you’re choosing me, love

You’re running out of time



SeneI’ll bet you miss me

It’s not the same between your thighs

In case you’re listening

Please pack your shit and say goodbye


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