《HALL OF FAME》歌詞 :by Sonu Nigam / MC Yogi MP3歌詞

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Playing all the cards
Shooting for the stars
Never would’ve guessed
That it would be so hard
Almost left behind
I even fell a couple of times
I could have missed the finish line
Not again not again
Running out a oxygen oxygen
Tell me will it ever end ever end Oh no
And it’s getting hard to breath hard to breath
Runnin out a energy energy
We’ll let it get the best of me best of me Oh no
But who would think after all this pain
One day you gonna know my name
And I’ll still be here
The tables are turnin on me
I know that it’s hard to believe
One day I know you gonna see
Me in the Hall of Fame
Woooow woooow
Suddenly suddenly
Flashing right in front of me front of me
All the possibilities bilities fadin away-away
Thought it would be easier easier
But no one ever said it would said it would
Had to take the bad with good bad with good Oh yeah..
But who would think after all………….
If I get one more chance
There’s no way I won’t make it
Lonely days longer nights
You’ll still see my name in lights……
But who would think after all


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