《Get Sick Soon》歌詞:by Annika Norlin Hello Saferide mp3歌詞

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Oh, I love you, I wish you got the flu

So I could take care of you

Like you take care of me

I’m such a Florence

A real Florence Nightingale

I’ll fluff your pillows

I’ll buy you a Spiderman comic

And read you till you fall asleep

Sleep on my shoulder

I won’t wake you even if

My back turns crooked

And I have to walk with a limp for a week

I’ll make you soup and none of that kind

That you get in a jar

‘Cause I know you don’t like those

Oh, I love you, I wish you got the flu

You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Like a teddy bear on heroin

Come, I’ll tuck you in tight

And I’ll sing for you all night all night

You can hold the remote, I won’t try to steal it

And the best cushion is yours

And you can have your feet on me

Even though I’m scared of feet

And even though I had a hard day at work

Oh, I love you, I wish you got the flu

You can lay your weight on me

And I’ll be your backbone

Lay your weight on me

You won’t have to worry


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