《Dawn and Gaze》歌詞:by Envy MP3歌詞

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Dawn and Gaze》歌詞:

Unfolding helpless words again and again
Future that begins with these fulfilled days
The meaning of this halt is my past that will connect beyond
Embracing the feelings that overflow
Repeating the recitation
Farewell is a start
Killing voice and connecting the days
And wander around the end of this world
Walked with my eyes shut and drawing your hands
I will never forget the twilight I saw you the first time
Wondering what you are thinking now
And the will that never disappears today or tomorrow
I will always be here, like if I am running away from light
One day I will smile like how you do when you are next to me
Piecing the promises together
You and I cuddle up together, and I swear
I will always be the savior
Walking the path I’ve come all the way, relying only on my heartbeat
Trying not to break my only words I gained through the process
Trying not to forget the tears dropped, and the three pulses of a moment
Who cares if there was any tainted past
The closed road still lies ahead, the sound of leaves spread beyond
The one who has gently torn apart, hiding in the shadows of sight
Morning mist repeatedly taught the words of a heart
If things could stay the same
If things could stay the same
Exposing after how many times were spent
The definite smile, the way you walk, and the light
If everything had to be seen through these drenched grey eyes
What should I hold in my hands to cope with the end of this world
Stretching out and reaching out my arm
I will pass my words like I am screaming