《Marginalized Thread》歌詞:by Envy MP3歌詞

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Marginalized Thread》歌詞:

Raindrops pouring out the sound of world’s end
The weak who abandoned the blood he noticed while walking
Possible becomes impossible, and forgot the reason
Yesterday’s enemy is the exhausted brain
Would you make a step forward if the world you live was a lie?
Words of a loser concealed by innocence
An alternative figure with thoughts in hand
Using mouth and ears
The world has changed by maneuvering the era
Dead breaths lurking into my body and encountering ignorance
Sentiment of searching this moment and pursue carving
Raise the shield, to everything that will happen until the end of this
Holding breath, the calm that continues silently
God who endows, and machines and people who were waiting
Once stopped heart begins its moves again with life
Domination and discipline
Learning only the wish that was shed
Corruption and consciousness will never disappear
The great dust and myself