《Golden Age》歌詞:by beach fossils Beach Fossils mp3歌詞

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And I’m not trying

To lose my mind

But I couldn’t say

That I would mind

You only see

What you want to see

And I don’t want you to see me

I don’t know what

I’m doing tonight

I never know what

I’m doing tonight

And I never have plans

When it turns to night

‘Cause I don’t do nothin’

But stay inside

And I open my eyes

And everything’s blue

From the top of the sky

To underneath you

Ain’t trying to do more

Than just sit here

I can look in your eyes

And tell you’re sincere

And we’re dropping it off

And we’re not coming back

‘Cause we’re trying to get lost

We both know that

You can gather the wine

And I’ll carry the shade

And we’ll dine in the pine

Of the Golden Age

I’m unlocking the doors

And we’ll go to the roof

‘Cause the stories we told

Are becoming the truth

Just put out your hand

And I’ll take it in mine

Walk down to the center

Of the wind and shine

We’ll take a swig

And we’ll lie right down

We’ll become all the colors

Of each others sounds

We can pick one up

And we can let it fly

‘Cause in the Golden age

We’ll never die

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