《Everywhere You Knew》歌詞:by Christopher Owens Christopher Owens mp3歌詞

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Just when I thought it was over

I said, come sit on my lap

You didn’t even ask me why

I hadn’t tried to kiss you yet

And I said that I wanted to yesterday

when you took me to your mother’s house

and we watched television on the couch

and then I bought a pack of cigarettes

You said let’s get up and go

somewhere noone would be around

I said okay, and we got up and ran right out through the crowd

And when I took your hands in mine and I kissed you

I don’t think there was anybody else in the world

When you said I should kiss you forever, I said that I would

Walking back down through the city

We stopped everywhere you knew

You said you felt so in love

I said that I felt it too

and then we laid in the park

’till the sun came up

it felt so good we couldn’t do it enough

You said you never spent the night outside

with a boy on the grass

Saying goodbye the next day was so hard

that I nearly cried

Later I did when I was bored in the plane

but it was alright

I knew that even if my plane went down

I’d be just fine if I was thinking about

falling in love with you

on the first tour with my band.

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