《Italian Story》歌詞:by 林一峰 MP3歌詞

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Italian Story》歌詞:
From the Florence sun to the Venice moon
On and on I travel
Without you, the road too long
And time is too slow

The sunflowers long for the light of the day
Reaching for something that’s so far away
To the sun they grow
To the only one they know

Save some sunshine, I ask my angels
For someone waiting home
I’ve tasted Lucca, I’ve savoured Rome
But I’d trade my freedom
For you and me to be close

You are the water of my river
You are the sun in my cathedral
You are the youth of my fountain
You are the knight of my castle

Questions are written in the stars
Answers are hidden on the road
Stories are the first victory of my quest
You are the last piece of my puzzle

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