《Down On My Luck》歌詞:byVic Mensa mp3歌詞

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When I get down on my luck I hide behind my eyes in Hollywood

They say ain’t what you know but who you know

You need to know someone to know no one

When I get down on my luck

I roll one up and roll around all by my lonesome

Lost some years, I used to know

I know my fate like bullets in a shotgun


[Verse 1]

She loves to dream, living in and off and out her mind

In space and time, she takes a line & lies her life

Away you might just say she stays to go nowhere

Midnight scenes from an old romantic movie

Usually you’d be there today I say was different

I can take you with me wandering, if you wanna go there

Down on my luck

Down on my luck


Do you think about the things you say you don’t?

I know you do, white wine she over cool

Ooh look at you, look at you

Do you think the things you do or who you know?

Cause they told you to, why you listen to ’em?

Hands up, middle finger to ’em

Fuck that, get down


When I get down on my luck, when I get down on my luck

When I get down on my luck, when I get down on my luck

Down on my luck, down on my luck


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