《Addicted to Water》歌詞:by Fifi Rong FiFi Rong mp3歌詞

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Had this dream about us last night,

There was closeness, but more of distance,

For a hundred times I blossom in silence

You never get to see how beautiful it is

Until you taste my tears, sorrow won’t be official.

How strong Id have to be, I find it hard to breathe.

Baby I understand you fully

But who can understand me?

Keeping my promises,

No emotional messages,

My heart is now yours

In anyway you wana abuse it

Repeatedly close my eyes

To see your face again

And I hug myself to sleep

Pretend it’s your arms around me

Pretend it is your

Hands …on my skin

Baby I’m there for you

But who’s there for me?

Some mornings I could just let you go.

Still more hopeless nights wanting you

See I’m not a kind of girl that falls easily

But then I saw you, but then I saw you

sometimes I wish you never kissed me at all

Sometimes I wish you never seen me at all

Sometimes I wish I was addicted to water

I’d rather be addicted to water x2

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