《Bad Bad Bad》歌詞:byLANY mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Back to high school love

The kind without the drugs

We were just two city kids

We would run around and tear a few things down

But that’s the worst that it would get


Bad, bad, bad we’re in trouble now

Or so, so, so they’d say

They, they, they got us figured out

But we kinda like it that way

[Verse 2]

It was just a crush, but wild and dangerous

You and I were out too late

Started in my, might’ve gone to far

But we were down to make mistakes



They say we’re going to hell

Let’s find a cheap motel

And stay a couple nights

And when our time is done

We’ll go back on the run

Do whatever we like

[Hook] + [Bridge (x2)]

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