《Part Of A Fool》歌詞:by華語群星 mp3歌詞

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I’ve been there before and I just can’t let go

The memory and pain of the hurt I know now deep in the night

And there’s pseeion inside

dare I follow my heart

An innocent smile then a walk in the night

There it’s dinner at home served with candle light

And it’s quite a while since I felt good inside

Dare I follow my heart

Do I feel something special inside of you

Do I know what you’re really think of me

And the raindrops keep falling into my heart

And I just can’t deny what feels so right

Do I let myself go and feel the rain

Or should I play with caution Aand refrain

Whaterve I do when it comes to you

I know sometimes love plays the part of a fool

I know what’s in store though I can’t say much more

A chance worth the taking has open its door

And I can’t say I love you

And I can’t say I don’t

But I do wish I knew

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