《Wild Side》歌詞:byM?tley Crüe mp3歌詞

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Wild Side

Kneel down ye sinners, to

Streetwise religion

Greed’s been crowned the new king

Hollywood dream teens

Yesterday’s trash queens

Save the blessings for the final ring–amen

Wild side

I carry my crucifix

Under my deathlist

Forward my mail to me in hell

Liars and the martyrs

Lost faith in the father

Long lost in the wishing well

Wild side

Fallen angels

So fast to kill

Thy kingdom come on the wild side

Our father

Who ain’t in heaven

Be thy name on the wild side

Holy mary

Mother may i

Pray for us on the wild side

Wild side, wild side

Name dropping no-names

Glamorize cocaine

Puppets with strings of gold

East l.a. at midnight

Papa won’t be home tonight

Found dead with his best friend’s wife

Wild side

Fatal strikes

We lie on the wild side

No escape

Murder rape

Doing time on the wild side

A baby cries

A cop dies

A day’s pay on the wild side

Wild side, wild side

Tragic life on the wild side

Wild side, wild side

Kickin’ ass on the wild side

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