《quotYou Got a Killer Scene There Man…quot》歌詞:by Castillo Homme VanLeeuwen Queens of the Stone Age mp3歌詞

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I don’t mean to make obscene

But even the mob, know what the hell i mean

The knot is tight, on my blindfold

I got my flesh full of blood, i hate rock n roll

Some think too much, then come too soon

I just curse the sun, so i can howl at the moon

Don’t wanna love you no more

Don’t wanna love you less

I wanna be crushed by your sweet caress

What’s the fuckin’ difference, we all gonna die

You gonna do something killer?

C’mon give it a try

Got no good plans but a good idea

Let’s put this town in my rearview mirror

Yeah, i got enemies, but they don’t know

They won’t get no glory on that side of the hole

Were are united, by drifting alone

This is the army of none, got no flag, got no home

Just witches & scabs, an awful mess, i confess…

Let’s do it again.

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