《Leave Right Now》歌詞:byWill Young mp3歌詞

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Leave Right Now

By Will Young

I’m here just like I said

Though its breaking every rule I’ve ever made

My racing heart is just the same

Why make it strong to break it once again?

And I’d love to say I do

Give everything to you

But I can never now be true

So I say…

I think I’d better leave right now

Before I fall any deeper

I think I’d better leave right now

Feeling weaker and weaker

Somebody better show me how

Before I fall any deeper

I think I’d better leave right now

I’m here so please explain

Why you’re opening up a healing wound again

I’m a little more careful

Perhaps it shows

But if I lose the highs,

at least I’m spared the lows

Now I tremble in your arms

What could be the harm

To feel my spirit calm

So I say..

I wouldn’t know how to say

How good it feels seeing you today

I see you’ve got your smile back

Like you say your right on track

But you may never know why

Once bitten twice is shy

If I’m proud perhaps I should explain

I couldn’t bear to lose you again

Yes I will…


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