《Ana (short ver.)(~BONUS TRACK~)》歌詞:by 萩原ゆう Key Sounds Label mp3歌詞

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The place changes and goes【這片土地 滄桑變幻】

Like a wind, like clouds【如風舞動 似云流轉】

Like the traces of the heart【恍若心之軌跡】

no halt at the places【沒有一刻停息】

The place is so far away, be far apart【這片土地 是如此遙遠】

people’s hand does not reach【人們伸手難及】

so merely has the worship【心中僅存對未知的景仰】

The place is a lofty lord【這片土地 正如崇高的神祉】

can’t meet nobody put on【負載于所有生命之上】

We will lose the place【我們將失去它】

so lofty which changes【任它高傲地俯視一切】

Not all were desired【即使萬事不盡人意】

However,we’re never sad【我們也不會悲傷哀嘆】

Still, there is still the place【這片土地一切如舊】

far away, far away【仍然遙不可及】

The wind blows through the place【清風徐來】

an endless,with all【永無止息】

Like the ripple float on the water【似水波蕩漾】

It blows as it goes【任其流動飄揚】

The place is no make at all【無人能使它改變】

Nothing is shown【萬物蹤跡俱滅】

Like the sand clasped by hand【若手心緊握的銀沙】

It falls vainly【悄然滑落逝去】

The place is a profound lord【這片土地 神秘幽遠】

and wear the vain faint light【為晨曦之光緊緊環繞】

But we will find it in the place【我們定將細尋】

The hut at which it stands still【其中的某處恬靜小居】

if not concerned with all【如果缺少愛】

It will maintain that no dye【萬物皆會失去耀眼光芒】

therefore there is still the hut【山間小屋 依舊直立】

It’s lonly,solitary【孤獨無依】

no halt at the wind【伴隨著無盡的風】

it soars to the sky【它飛向廣闊蒼穹】

Like the verdure which meets with sunrise【宛若陽光哺育的幼苗】

It grows up as reborn【它茁壯成長 如獲新生】

The hut has held new one【小屋中迎來新客】

that’s different from all【他與眾不同】

like the sand castle of the children【像童年記憶中的沙堡】

but realized with the mind【源遠流長 永被銘記】

The person is a vain statue【宛若雕塑 沉默寡言之人】

wear taciturnity calm【若即若離 似將逝去】

still,We will know a huge flow【但巨大的洋流將讓一切消失】

It is stopped by nobody【無人可擋】

Soon,the wind wears the snow cloud【不久那寒風將到來】

will be dyed to snow-white【為一切換上銀裝】

Summer grass will incline【夏草在風中掙扎】

No sunlight,feebly shade【陽光不再 亂姿影殘】

The place changes and goes【這片土地 滄桑變幻】

Like a wind, like clouds【如風舞動 似云流轉】

Like the traces of the heart【恍若心之軌跡】………

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