《Drop The Bomb On039Em》歌詞:by LAWRENCE JR. TREVORUNKNOWN WRITERS Eminem mp3歌詞

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Yeah boy,

better ring the alarm boy,

dem know its coming boy,

Oh my God, f-cking Bomboclat

I’m hard as Kenard, the little boy who shot Omar in The Wire,

tie a whore up with barbed wire, nothing but a broad boy,

I’m the real deal, and char-broiler on the bonfire

and Bon Voyage bitch, I’m like Chef Boyar-

-dee in this bitch; send a bomb to my moms lawyer

Im a problem for ya, boy you think your Tom Sawyer,

til I pull you out the f-cking story book and stomp on ya,

f-cking fictitional characters and fariytales,

prepare yourself for Captain America on Ferris Wheels,

but it aint fiction its fact boy beware its real

them lyrics you wield equals zero to a hero’s shield

Mr fly by the seat of his pants parasail

or hit the trampoline bounce and grab a pair of stilts,

and I aint wearing zilch, zip, zero, nothing, no nada,

like your fa-da f-cking ya mada

Drop the bomb on em,

please don’t drop the bomb on me,

shady please, please dont drop the bomb on me,

drop the bomb on them,

i dont want no dog gone beef,

see aint no reason to sic the dogs on me,

Drop the bomb on em,

please don’t drop the bomb on me,

shady please, please dont drop the bomb on me,

Drop the bomb on em

I dont want no dog gone beef,

see aint no reason to set the dogs on me,

Boy, Im the real McCoy,

you little boys can’t even fill voids,

party’s over kids, kill the noise,

here come the killjoys,

me and Dre steel alloys,

the rap crown royals,

that scalp cowboys

now how that sound for ya

yeah boy you know we about to put it down for ya,

so kick your shoes off,

before you have a sound voyage,

and siyanara see ya f-ckers tommorow,

get some R and R and marinate in some marinara,

and have a coke and a smile, dont make me open a jar,

whip ass on ya, thats the last straw your hoping to draw,

yeah you fresher than most boy, I’m just doper than all boy,

I’m that boy boy, them boys them no up to par

I just show up go up to the stage and blow up the spot,

there aint no boy who can do what I do boy Im a star,

boy, I told you boy, Im a Soldier boy, Im DeShaun,

Holten in this B-tch, Im the Proof boy your a fraud,

I destroy you boy, f-ck around and blow ya to Sod

oh my God boy, you didn’t go there, no you did not,

I got a whole story board for you, boy your da plot,

your gettin got whether you try to avoid it or not,

apology not accepted boy, Detroit is a rock,

we get to beefing, aint no telling at what point it will stop,

all I got to do is point to the spot,

when the bomb drops boy does it drop,

and when it does boy there’s a problem,

Boy dont jinx yourself,

boy I’m Michael Spinks with the belt,

Stringer bell boy, my name rings bells for itself,

I’m sick as hell boy,

you better run and tell someone else,

Bringin hell boy, sing them telegrams and get dealt

and to that boy who done said it …,

who said he was better,

lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com

i bet he never seen Freddie in a Black and red little sweater,

back better than ever,

the chedder shredder the grater the beef grinder

I’ll settle vendettas a little later,

giving haters incubators, think ya made a mistake,

by saying Shady was ghost, I ain’t even close to the gate

you bout a foot in the grave, stay put and behave

Im bout to turn this f-cking place to Beirut in a day

so hey wouldn’t you say Im the sh-t,

couldn’t agree with you more if you were to say my f-cking sh-t doesn’t stink,

shady f-cking aftermath boy the ship doesn’t sink it just floats int he f-cking water

til we fill up the tank,

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