《Lonely Lonely》歌詞:byFeist mp3歌詞

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Lonely lonely

Artist: Feist

Edited by Tessa ChenMSN:[email protected]

Water water on the seeds

To my left they rose and leaf

To my right cross Seven Seas

Maybe maybe they’ll stay true

My seeds will cross and then take root

And leave you to an empty room

Lonely lonely that is you

Lonely lonely that is you

Paper paper obsolete

How will you reach out to me

I thought you’d ask me not to leave

Lonely lonely that is me

Lonely lonely that is me

Distance makes the heart grow weak

So that the mouth can barely speak

Except to those who hide their needs

And I have read the golden seal

That tell of how the seedlings feel

Reminds my heart what love can yield

By my only things are clear

Baby boy I’m staying here

Lonely lonely that was you

Lonely and so untrue


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