《Chosen》歌詞:byBlood Orange mp3歌詞

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[Spoken: ]

It was the last weekend of September, I stayed up all night long

Waiting for the fire ache in my heart to subside

It never happened

He was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen, most beautiful boy I'd ever met

My favorite books, around the clock scars of my knee

I see him behind my lids in a bright grey shirt

I see him running tripping and falling, covered in dirt

I see a lot of these things lately i know, I know none of it is real

[Bridge: Hynes]

It's in the way that he moves but I don't want to choose

[Bridge 2:Hynes & Urbani]

Another day and I'll lose, but i don't want to choose

[Hook: Hynes & Urbani]

Face to the ground, change the sound

Time in your mind, make it right

[Bridge 1&2]


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