《Mandarina Lady》歌詞:by Alex To 杜德偉 mp3歌詞

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Mandarina Lady


Just another night on the town

Looking for some swinging old sound

Mandarina Lady is the only club that I found

People in the mood everywhere

Magic I can feel in the air

See if I can find some love for me at all

Walk some lady

Dress in a long silky gown

She’s something special

Couldn’t be from this side of town

She’s assigned man wants to see

To my surprise she is looking at me

Mandarina lady sweeps me off the ground

I’ll take you the way out

Closer and closer we dance

But no conversation no chance

Mandarina lady can we talk at all

Oh…can I hold you closer

Tell you things that I like to say

Well…she spoken in a whisper

And taught me sing in this way

我愛你means I love you

別問我means don’t ask me why

Mandarina lady, Are we get your embrace

Mandarina baby I pray tonight you stay

Who…Mandarina lady we kiss the night away

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